Welcome to Circular Economy Growth.

We work with business and public sector organisations, who struggle to understand practical implementation of Circular Economy principles to help develop their company or ensure best use of assets and investment. We work with teams or departments to develop different programmes, training, business development and investment for public services, which results in business advantage, resource value gains and positive reputational growth as well as market development in new circular economy investments and public sector invest to save approaches.

We are working on a certification scheme for circular economy in a world first which we hope to launch in summer 2019. This is an exciting way for business and organisation to chart their growth and development into the circular economy to become part of the answer and avoid the problem and pitfalls of sticking to the old and unsustainable linear business models and will have an extensive impact especially as we hope to link this Trip Advisor style websites to make rating the circular economy credentials of a company as easy as how good the curry or pizza was, or how good quality a hotel or event was. I want this to become the DNA of any business or organisation, which is objectively certified through our scheme- this will help customer growth and engagement.

We are also working on a project to develop buildings and spaces that are underused for community gain and to develop investment and funding streams for positive projects that implement the circular economy at a community level. This will have a direct measurable impact in people quality of life and support some disadvantaged and often marginalised communities especially from other countries.

We are also working with partners to develop training and knowledge as well as looking at how UK talents skills and business could grow and share their circular economy knowledge and quality business practice with international markets like China and the US. The impact will be business and jobs growth as well as implementation of circular economy business models.We are also looking at developing rural approaches to circular economy as well as how it can be done effectively in cities of the future that make a positive contribution to health wellbeing and growth as most of the world live in urban environments so addressing the challenges here has a disproportionately powerful effect of environmental, developmental and community stability.

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